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Announcing a Pregnancy

After ten years of blissful marriage, my husband and I are finally ready to start a family. Although we’ve enjoyed our couple time, we long to hear a baby’s giggles in our home. Since we started trying to conceive, I’ve been considering how I would announce a future pregnancy to family members and friends. Have you recently discovered you’re pregnant? Perhaps, you and your significant other don’t know how to share the good news with your loved ones. You may want to consider hosting a party at a restaurant. On this blog, you will discover how to plan the perfect pregnancy announcement party at your favorite eatery.


Creative Toppings To Add Spice To Your Pizza Order

Your pizza doesn't have to be a simple pepperoni and cheese combo. With a wide variety of toppings available, you can customize your pizza order in unique and creative ways. 

Here are some of the most interesting toppings you can add to your pizza order.

Bacon Bits 

Bacon bits add an exciting touch to any pizza order, offering a salty and smoky flavor that's hard to resist. They are usually made from hickory smoked bacon that's been chopped into tiny pieces, making them flavorful, yet light enough, not to overwhelm the rest of your toppings. And the best thing about bacon bits is that they add texture and complexity to your pizza.

The smokiness of the bacon pairs perfectly with creamy cheeses, while a crispy bite on top of marinara sauce creates an amazing contrast in textures. Bacon bits also work well when combined with other toppings like onions, mushrooms, or even fruit. They provide a unique flavor profile that can take your pizza to the next level.

Bacon bits are perfect for those who want something different but still crave the classic bacon flavor. Plus, since they come in pre-cut pieces, it saves time on chopping up raw bacon yourself. So if you're looking to switch up your topping choices, don't forget these tasty little morsels!


Olives are a classic topping that can turn your pizza into an instant Mediterranean delight. Their bold and salty flavor is perfect for adding a unique twist to your pizza. To really bring out the flavor of the olives, you could order your pizza with a light brushing of olive oil before adding the olives.

You can also combine different types of olives for an even more unique flavor. Opt for green olives, kalamata olives, or even a mix of the two. You can also add other Mediterranean flavors like sun-dried tomatoes or feta cheese to really bring out the punch of flavor that olives can provide.

The great thing about olives is that they're incredibly versatile. You can use them as an accent for a classic combination or make it the star of the show with a unique topping combination of your own. Either way, you can't go wrong with olives on your pizza.

Pizza is a classic dish you can customize to your heart's content. And with the wide array of toppings available, you can let your creativity shine through and make your pizza order as unique as possible. Contact a local pizza delivery service to learn more.