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Announcing a Pregnancy

After ten years of blissful marriage, my husband and I are finally ready to start a family. Although we’ve enjoyed our couple time, we long to hear a baby’s giggles in our home. Since we started trying to conceive, I’ve been considering how I would announce a future pregnancy to family members and friends. Have you recently discovered you’re pregnant? Perhaps, you and your significant other don’t know how to share the good news with your loved ones. You may want to consider hosting a party at a restaurant. On this blog, you will discover how to plan the perfect pregnancy announcement party at your favorite eatery.



Tips for Holding a Private Event in a Restaurant

When you're planning a special event, it's important to figure out where to hold the celebration, and what to feed the crowd. If you decide to host the event in a restaurant, you'll be able to cross two things off of your to-do list at once. 

One of the first things you'll need to decide when narrowing down your list of eateries is what type of cuisine you'd like to serve. If you have a diverse group of party-goers, try to stick to a popular kind of food that most people will enjoy. If your event is coming up soon, here are a few additional tips for holding a private event in a restaurant:

1. Consider Size

Another important aspect to consider when choosing an eatery is how much event space it has. If you have a large event, inquire as to whether you can rent the entire eatery for the duration. For a more informal, intimate gathering of friends or loved ones, a private event space may be appropriate.

Also, decide whether you want outdoor space as well. For instance, during the warm summer months, pick a restaurant featuring a patio or deck, where guests can mix and mingle before and after dinner. Location is another factor, especially if you desire a waterfront venue.

2. Ask About Menu Options

Many restaurants offer just one set menu for special events, so if you'd like to pick and choose your own food offerings, inquire about their policies right away. In some cases, you may receive a discount if you go with a pre-fixed menu, but it may not allow for much flexibility.

Another thing to take into consideration when planning the event menu is if any of your friends, family members or coworkers have any dietary restrictions. For instance, be sure to include a few gluten-free items, as well as meatless selections for the vegans and vegetarians in the group.

If you plan on serving a special type of dessert, such as a wedding or birthday cake, you may need to bring one in from an outside bakery, so plan for that in your budget as well. 

A restaurant can make an appropriate venue for almost any type of special occasion, including kids' and adults' birthday parties, family and class reunions, holiday get-togethers, anniversary and graduation celebrations, baby and bridal showers, and wedding rehearsal dinners and receptions. Be sure to book a popular restaurant as far in advance as possible, especially during the busy times of year, such as the holiday season.